Oh I Think They Light Me

I recently read an interesting post about a young woman’s tales of skin bleaching. You guys who know me have heard my thoughts on brown people bleaching their skin in search of the Anglo- Saxon aesthetic. My estrogen was boiling. What has this lil’ mama been doing? But I read it anyway and found that she had quite a few scars she was looking to erase. All at once I felt ashamed of my close-mindedness, proud of her bravery to tell her story, and happy that I took the time to understand another woman’s plight. Ok so enough of the plight, let’s walk toward the light!

It has been brought to my attention (read: I was asked “What about us oily skin girls?”) that I focus a lot on normal and dry skin girls.  Because hell, I have normal skin! And because girls with oily skin have what I yearn for naturally, I just didn’t get the problem and told her that. Big mistake. I got an ear full of sassy sebum woes.   

In the spirit of open-minded beauty hunting, I came across Origins Brighter by Nature™ ($39.50). It’s a new skin correcting serum infused with Vitamin C, cucumber, and Japanese basil leaf, to fade discoloration (yup, it makes my skin look more alive, too!). I apply it before moisturizing, but oily girls can use it in place of your hydrator of choice.  Just remember your sun block in the a.m.!

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