Ask Breezy: Black Tie Event. Gorgeous Dress. Body Acne…Help!

Q. Dear Breezy,

I have an event this Saturday at NPAC. All black attire it cost me 55 bucks to go. Now, I bought a dress I like it but Im not confident about my legs. I have severe acne/pore infections on them. Therefore, I want to wear stockings. I have two type of shoes to wear: open toe suede or gladiator sandle shoes both are in black. So my question to u is, What type of stockings should I wear and what type of shoes?

A. Hi-ya, Muchachachita!

I totally hear you with the body acne…it plagues sooo many of us. Whether it’s on the back, legs, arms, wherever – it’s a pain in the whazoo! I used to live in Donna Karan Nudes hosiery. It totally mimics your skin tone, it’s available in great hues, and you should be able to pick it up in your favorite department store. OR if you want to take a fashionable trip to funky town, you can go for an eye-catching patterned or textured hose. Now it just wouldn’t be me to not mention a beauty option. Do you know Kat Von D, the gorgeous reality TV inkstress? Well, she has a line of waterproof, no-smudge body concealer at Sephora that actually covered her extensive body art. See?

My disclaimer: there are not many colors, but you never know unless you try, right? Check it out at Sephora.

You might have also heard of Dermablend, well known for its miraculous body coverage. It’s available in department stores. Here’s a Dermablend before and after.

Now just email me a pic of the dress and we’ll talk shoes!