Chap Sick + Our “Glam-Away” Winner!

I drink about 85 gallons of water a day. No lie. I got myself a little work station (er, my iPhone) set up in the bathroom. Why would I shelf a potential social life? Well, I’ve read that drinking a lot of H2O can prevent dry, cracked, lips. And my lips peel in the summer so you can imagine what dem things are doing right now!

So last night I found myself watching “Curb Your Enthusiasm” and exfoliating my lips (read: rubbing the dry skin off till I drew blood). And then I remembered I just got Laura Geller Lip Strip ($19). I put Larry and Leon (my new favorite comedic couple – sorry Jeff) on pause and (literally) ran to get the all-natural sugar scrub.

Well I wasn’t expecting much, but after 30 seconds (ok fine, I kept it on for 45), the sweetly minted scrub made my lips super duper soft and flake free. I spun around to test them out on someone and yeah…just me and the TV. So I took it old school and aimed for the ol’ forearm. It was hot.

In much prettier news…Our (First Ever) Glam-Away Winner is: Cindy Aiton!!!
Cindy, please email me your mailing address and let me know if you want the John Frieda or Aveeno products. Congratulations!!!