Isn’t Chi Lovely?


If you’ve known me for the past, say, 16 years you have been privy to my bob-mentality. Yes it has gone through a few iterations: the asymmetrical (think “Kelis’ “Bossy” days) and the page boy (er, when I had enough of my “bossiness”). I never planned to change it; it was my signature hair style. Until one of my girls was like, “Your hair always looks so pretty, but would you ever think about changing it?” In true S Breezy style, I quickly dismissed even the notion, “Never! I’m bobbin’ till I have nothin’ left to bob!” Later, replaying the conversation in my head, I began to feel embarrassed by my response (such a rarity I hardly recognized the sentiment).

Ch-ch-ch-changes…I’ve been growing out my hair over the past few months. I’ve received a bevy of compliments and loved my new follicular opportunities: the French braid, the chignon, the goddess twists (made that name up).

But then I had no idea that my new length required more maintenance than my shorter hair. I was faced with lackluster, brittle hair. My hair needed to be cut and for once, I didn’t want to.

So I turned to my trusty Chi Shine Infusion Thermal Polishing Spray ($12.99). It was like it breathed artificial life into my broken hair. Though my hair is healthy now, I’ll never forget what Chi did for me when times (and my tresses) were rough. I’ve used it for the past 3 years and it continues to add shine and depth to my hair. So whether you have naturally straight or blow-dried/chemically straightened hair, this is one product one you must, must try!

Oh if you live in NYC and want to buy it, I found a spot that sells it for 9 bucks. Give me a shout and I’ll let you know.