Feelin’ on Your Beauty

I haven’t mentioned my unwavering love of Michael Jackson. Mainly because I’ve been more than a bit MJ-obsessed since I was 6 and often when speaking of him, I cry. Surprisingly that can make people kinda’ uncomfortable. I was more than prepared to swan dive off the balcony on to the stage, if I ever had the good fortune to see him perform live again. Until that day came, my oh-so-vivid “Victory Tour” memories would feed my soul.

So there was no doubt that I’d be at the very first showing of “This Is It”, which happened to be at midnight. Yup, I’m a total freak. All I’m going to say about the film (I use the word “film” when I’m feeling extra snooty) is, if you haven’t already, you must see it. Seriously.

OK now some beauty. Winter is on its nasty little way. If you aren’t exfoliating, well shame on you, Miss-Missies! Your skin is most likely begging for a little scrubbing and you’re being plain ol’ selfish right now. I demand that you grab a bottle of Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash ($22) pronto. It cleanses and exfoliates (without stripping the skin’s oils) in one fabulously foamy step! Don’t believe me? Give me your tired and your poor skin. After the last splash, you’ll go en masse to the nearest department store to cop a bottle.