The Best Liquid Liner

Brittany Murphy

A couple of days ago, my friends and I were reliving our favorite “Clueless” scenes. What does that have to do with liquid liners? If ANYONE had the most incredible “eye game” it was Brittany Murphy. I don’t think I’ve seen more expressive, gorgeous eyes. And you know she knew how to work ’em.

If you’ve never seen “Sidewalks of New York”, do so as soon as you can. You have not seen a more sensitive and honest portrayal of a young, relatively naive woman in New York City. OK on to the best liquid liners of the year:

Makeup Forever Liquid Liner
The Real-Deal-Hollyfield Waterproof

I applied Makeup Forever Waterproof Eyeliner ($22) early in the day, had a facial, and no lie, this joint was still in place! My pencil liner? N’Sync-Gone.

Kat Von D Liquid Liner
The Precise Pen

Need a quickie fake tattoo? Perfectly placed beauty mark? Look to Kat Von D Tattoo Liner ($18) to give you the sickest lines ever.

Avon Liquid Liner
The New Hue

Every so often, I go CRAZY and rock a blue mascara or purple liner, but after like a day, I  return to black. Avon Eyewriter in Deep Violet ($7.50) is a perfect departure from the expected.

Dior Liquid Liner
The Too-Dope-to-Keep-on-Your-Dresser Liner
Leave it to Dior  to make a liquid liner (Dior Style Liner $31) so chic, it is honestly a disservice to keep this silver and black bad boy at home.