My Upcoming Nuptials…to The Container Store

Sephora Birthday Lip Gloss Trio

I want to elope with The Container Store. There, I said it. As I mentioned before, my beauty stash is so not beauty-closet-ready, but it did expand a bit. So last night I headed to my beloved’s for a bin (or ten) to house my growing beauty supply.

As I organized the goods, I came across the cutest lip gloss trio I got from Sephora last month. Did you know if you become a Sephora Beauty Insider, you’ll get this Super Shimmer Lip Gloss Trio FREE for your birthday? Too cute, right? Just enter your email and you’ll get the 411 on Sephora’s sales and new product launches.

Now back to my whirlwind love affair. If we do decide to have a formal wedding, you’re totally invited. I hope TCS’s parents will like me. *Anxiously applying lip gloss*