Desperately Seeking Erica

I think I loved Erica Pagan the moment I met her. She was ridiculously cool and she shared my style sentiment (and love for nudie beauty). Yup, we were fashion soul mates. I could pick up a seemingly “odd” piece and she knew exactly where I was going.

We could go months without speaking and then catch up over one brunch. Well, I lost her contact info thanks to ActiveStink. To ease the pain of my loss, I oft think of her when my purchase is fetch (I’ve watched “Mean Girls” too many times).

I figured it’s time to stop my (mostly) internal whining and put my thoughts on wax. Plus, “Desperately Seeking Susan” was on the other night; hey, I was inspired.

Speaking of inspiration (slick, ain’t I?), I am sure Erica would love this AKA sequinned skirt I copped dirt-cheap at ideeli yesterday. It’s so glam-rock-gone-right. Am I wrong? I’ll probably wear it when I see “The Runaways” this spring. Oh and if anyone knows Erica, tell her I miss her.