Girl, Your Foundation Is Showing: Find Your Shade!

I hear my friend Cathy’s voice when I apply blush or highlighter. Every morning I’d walk into our office, turn to tell her something, and she’d look at my face and chant, “blend…blend…blennnnnd.” She’d even reach out to do it for me sometimes–possibly out of frustration or pity of my streaky morning commute.

When I left the company, I also left my blending cheerleader’s daily encouragement. Since I don’t have her to reach out and wipe away misplaced colors, I took a tip from Allure. No blending in the world can hide mismatched foundation! Wanna know if you’re wearing the right shade? Simply place a a streak on your cheek and wait 10 minutes. If after 10 minutes, you can still see it, you’re wearing the wrong shade. Boom…for real.

The Breezy Synopsis:
If you’re in a department store, try a few shades and step outside in natural light. Artificial light is sorta like those tricky fitting room mirrors, strategically placed to make you look flawless.