Lean on Tea

Origins Tea Body Soak
If you’ve been paying close attention, you might have realized I’ve been in a sucky mood. I give you two of my recent posts: “I can’t take it anymore!” and “Pass the butterscotch. Hold the butter.” 

Um, it was a cry for help ya’ll, and not one of you sent white chocolate break up, black roses, or the name of your favorite lobotomist.

So tonight I plan to turn on Destiny’s Child “Survivor” and put my bootylicious self into the bath tub. I’m not going to the city of cliché and mention “Calgon” or a steaming cup of General Foods International Coffee, but I will certainly reach for Origins The Way of the Bath Matcha Tea Body Soak ($45).

Not easily swayed by marketing shennanigans, I’m a desperate woman so I’ll say that if the “revitalizing Japanese sea salts unburden skin, enliven consciousness, revive the spirit and silence stress,” I’m wit’ it.