“C” Is for Cookie

Got Booty? If so, you need to check out Cookie Johnson’s (Yup, wife of NBA legend, Magic Johnson) denim collection. Cj by Cookie Johnson features denim (featuring 4-way stretch) designed for a bodacious bottom, but is more distinguished than a certain produce-named denim brand.

I mean don’t get me wrong, there’s a time, place, and age group for *”beet butt jeans”, but for most of us, this ain’t the time or place…and we’re so not in the age group.


On the flip side, they aren’t for the old-school booty either. If you are looking for mom jeans, and let’s be serious, you’re a Temple of Glammer so you just aren’t, you might not  be moved by the super skinny, flared, straight leg, and other chic styles.

*Name has been changed to protect the Glammers who just might have this brand’s jeans in their closet. No judgment. I still have my stonewashed denim overalls waiting in the wings for a comeback. You owe me one for admitting that btw.