Oh Shu! Where’s My Uemura?

Nude Cleansing Facial Oil

Pining the loss of Shu Uemura products in the U.S.? Maybe you are considering moving to Japan in protest of losing your beloved oil cleanser. Well don’t pack yet, my lotus flowers.

Have you tried Nude Cleansing Facial Oil ($33)? I use this detergent-free, Omega 3 and Vitamin E cleanser every night; it even removes the makeup my new sucky makeup remover does not. Don’t even get me started about my old faithful being discontinued!
Anyway back to this cleanser. I like that I apply it to dry skin, massage it in (giving me plenty of time to catch that inevitable “Real Housewives” catty catchphrase of the night). Give it a try and let me know how it compares to Shu Uemura.