It Curls: Flirt! It Curl Mascara

Whenever makeup artists discuss the one facial feature we must enhance, it always seems to be the eyes. Yes, the eyes are the windows to the soul, but eyes are also the windows to a drunken night out, an all-night baby-feeding session, and many other events that we’d rather not let show up on our faces in the a.m. Even before reaching for your trusted concealer, try giving a great mascara a try. The right mascara will open up your eyes so you’ll appear to be awake (or coherent).

I’ve been using Flirt It Curl Mascara ($14) for the past week and unlike other curved wands, this one truly kinks my straight lashes up a notch. And when coupled with an eyelash curler, you’ll bat away last night’s exhaustion faster than you can…you guessed it…blink an eye!