My Emu Says: Emu Oil for Skin & Hair

A few of you have asked, “yo what’s up with the posts?” Is there a Shaunequa Jr. on the way? Moving to Zimbabwe? Joining the Rockettes? As much as I want to tell you I’m the proud new member of the New York chapter of the Human Tail Society, I can’t lie: I’m just a lazy mo-fo.

But I wasn’t so busy doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING that I didn’t come across a new product. I read one piece on the magical properties of Emu Oil and (the impetuous little minx that I am) went right over to Westerly and copped a bottle.

It’s supposed to be an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, hell it’s probably an anti-crime, moisturizing oil. And not for nothing, I don’t know the last time you saw someone part a sea or walk over a large body of water, but I am all about welcoming miracles into my life!

Oh my poor forsaken coconut oil had to take a backseat. Sorry, yo. I’ve been using Emu Oil (2 oz. $20) from the roota to the toota for just about a week. No seriously, it’s supposed to be an incredible undereye moisturizer and it keeps even my dry-a$$ hands (sorta) supple.

I’ll say this though, even the Queen of Glow (er, my alter ego) thinks it’s a bit much for the face–especially because it’s so warm now. Oh and its appearance makes it a little difficult to forget its origins. I can’t stop thinking about a “big bad mama” emu excreting it as I put it on.