My Mother, My Makeup: Tarte Cheek Stain

I have yet to notice myself doing or saying something out of my mother’s playbook, but I know the day is coming. When I say any of the following, just know I’ll be headed to Margaritaville:

“No you’re not adopted. Do you KNOW how many hours of labor I was in for you?!”

“You’ll sit there until you eat it.”

“Oh, you hate me and want to move out? I’ll help you pack!”

The best way I can salute mom dukes is to shout out her signature makeup rule: give good face whenever possible; and when it’s impossible, do it anyway. Since I sometimes go out with a butt-naked face, I obviously have yet to fully incorporate that rule into my life.

Though Tarte Natural Cheek Stain in Sunkissed($30) is meant for cheeks, it can also be used on the lips. Watch as it, with one swipe, gives you a barely-there brown (my color barrio). If you prefer to hang in my mom’s color neighborhood, a hot-look-at-me-red, layer on more to get your desired shade.

Image courtesy of Blisstree