Boys, Books, and Body Butters

Lend me your ear as I rave about my high school experience. You see, I went to an all-girls school. And despite all the gender-based myths, it was a Shangri-La of sisterhood and educational excellence. But I will say this: as soon as 2:50PM hit, we ran out of the classroom like our petticoats were on fire. After school was minutes away and a tribe of boys would soon arrive to pick up girlfriends, little sisters, etc.

Rollers were ripped from bangs, plaid skirts were rolled up to chins, red lipstick was passed around like it was nobody’s business. Forget the British, the boys were coming!

Another indelible part of my high school experience was the scent of The Body Shop’s perfume oils (note: I friggin lived for peach) wafting through the halls. Right now I’m all about Coconut Body Butter.

It’s super hydrating, but not greasy. And the scent is intoxicating. Mhmm…there was a benefit to reading my teen musings.