What the Cuff?!

Is it me or did Miranda kill it in “Sex and the City 2” ? For once, I think she held her own and kinda overpowered Charlotte’s and even Samantha’s audacious fashion choices. I’m sorry the dress she wore to the wedding was kill-ah. What, don’t tell me you didn’t see “Sex and the City 2”! If you didn’t, shame on ya. OK fine. I’ve read the reviews , too, but there is at least one love-letter-to-SATC-fans that makes the whole movie worth seeing.Normally, I could not possibly care less about movie-themed crap (with the exception of banging soundtracks…they’re my weakness).

Well, when I opened my bag de swag and found this golden cuff ($35). I slapped it on my wrist and spun ’round madly looking for my invisible jet. Ya see, everything goes back to Wonder Woman for me. But back to the bracelet: you move the blingafied disc and behold, the solid SJP NYC solid fragrance!