I Pledge Allegiance to My Skin

A couple of weeks ago,  I went to a brunch honoring Veronica Webb’s new role as member of the Eucerin Skin First Council. It’s a group so dedicated to skin health, it even created a pledge, which you can take here, where you promise to honor your skin. I was seated among approximately 15 bloggers and right smack dab in front of Ms. Webb herself. I know, lucky me. I got to curse my decision to get a blowout after the event and didn’t put on as much as tinted moisturizer for the event. But you know me, G-for-life so it was all good.

She discussed the importance of drinking lots of water and sweating a whole bunch (to naturally remove toxins from the body). She has also used glycerin soap on her face since she was little. It totally makes sense. It’s SLS-free and moisturizing. I think I’ve seen it in the 99 cents store, so I mean, it’s a win-win, no? I haven’t tried glycerin soap, but I want to…badly. Have any of you gals used it?