Happy Wen-slay!

If you were following my shenanigans last night on Twitter, you know that I ran home, took the quickest shower ever, and changed into my fete gear. And then I flew out of my spot headed to the Kitty Bradshaw blogger event celebrating her two-year anniversary. As I speedily headed to the ‘tay (as in “par-tay”), I so should have brought my Wen Almond Mint Replenishing Mist ($32). It’s normally quite refreshing, but now that I keep it in my fridge, it really would have come in handy as I willed the traffic away and said a couple thousand novenas. But seriously folks, the scent is just enough to notice , but not overpowering. I mean, have you BEEN on public transportation or a vent-less elevator in the summer? There are enough smells up in there!

It energizes the skin and adds volume to hair that maybe missed a wash. I mean, not that I’d ever need that…stop judging me!

Here’s a pic from last night’s party. Dig the action shot?