Bright the Power: Suki Brightening Serum

I had a less-than-stellar dining experience this weekend. You see, from the time I was born, I was a picky eater. Literally, like I didn’t drink milk (suckled or poured). So when I was presented with a ramekin containing burnt crème brulee, it had to go. My waitperson left surly and came back jovial, ebullient even. Totally freaked out, I got through a few spoonfuls, ignoring his cat-that-ate-the-canary smiles and winks to the other waitstaff. It was when he asked only me, if I was enjoying my dessert, that I put my spoon down and considered sucking down an ounce of hand sanitizer.

Here’s what. I was and have always been a person who knows what she wants…and I’ll be damned if I settle for a char-broiled crème brulee.

Rather than picky, I’d prefer to say I have a highly developed sense of what sucks. I also know what I love: I am all about crème brulee, cream-based sauces, and yes, a decadent facial cream. Catch that segue? Don’t try this at home, folks.

I was browsing Whole Foods’ health and beauty section and stumbled upon Suki Intensive Brightening Cream ($50.95). It evens out dry and mature skin without bleaching so it’s great if you have rosacea.