The Kanye Rainbow: Kanye West’s Limited Edition Scarves

I suspect if I met Kanye West, I’d react like “Troy” from Community when he met LeVar Burton, but I’d be a lot less cool. And instead of singing, the Reading Rainbow theme, I’d belt out a medley of 808s & Heartbreak. Because I’m just that insane. Then I’d most likely be carried away in a tearful-maniacal-laugh mash up and be put on some kind of list. Hey, a girl can dream.

On to more sane (and exquisite) topics; Kan-yeezy partnered with M/M (Paris) to create a spectacular collection of five, limited-edition 100% silk twill scarves. The designs are direct translations of the artwork West commissioned from George Condo for his My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy album and the frames that M/M (Paris) designed to complement the paintings.

You can buy the scarves online at M/M (Paris) starting…TODAY!

Here’s the Community scene. Fast forward to 1:01.