Sponsored Post: Boat Shoes. Theophilus London. Repeat.

As soon as I was sonically introduced to Theophilus London, I knew it was a very special moment. “Flying Overseas” was unquestionably my gateway track; since then I’ve explored a bunch of his other songs and am rather caught up in “Soles of Fire” (technically the song was made by Chauffeur, a group consisting of Theophilus and Mark Ronson). So yeah, yeah, yeah how does this relate to boat shoes?

“Soles of Fire” opens with Theophilus London’s line, “What a coincidence we both wore boat shoes”. As soon as I heard it, I scoured my closet in my mind. Is he singing to me? Do we both have boat shoes?

I also remember attending Kimmie Smith’s Sebago preview at Robert Verdi’s lounge last season. After seeing all of the fantastic colors and styles in her collection, I was officially in a top-sider state of mind. Plus, the classic footwear is an ironic wink to my “fly girl in bohemia” sartorial style.

So does Theophilus London actually wear men’s boat shoes? I dunno. Can I imagine him finding a clever way to rock them? Sure. Am I still bitter that I didn’t go to the Rebecca Minkoff fashion show (with a surprise  performance by Theophilus London)? Call me Lemonhead. And to my friend who sent me her video of said performance: I thank you, but I kinda’ hate you.