7 Minutes in Heaven: Sulwhasoo Review

OK, OK. The Sulwhasoo facial I had last week lasted for much longer than seven minutes. And yes, my only experience with the ever-popular “7 minutes in heaven” game was watching, “Highway to Heaven”. I’m not being funny; there was an episode where these cruel teenagers tricked the unpopular girl to go into a closet with some cute guy just so he could run out in horror seconds later. Bastards.

Anywhoo…Sulwhasoo time. I did a little research beforehand and was like, “whoa mama…$100 for an eye cream?!”.  When I came to, I found myself in the facial room at Bergdorf Goodman getting prepped for my experience. I was pretty impressed by the concept of incorporating traditional Korean medicine to promote skin balance and harmony, as well as within the body.

The facial consisted of seven steps (including cleanser, serum, toner, and customized treatments):

Cleansing foam ($36)

First Care Serum ($80)

Balancing Water ($55)

Overnight Vitalizing Treatment ($50)

After all seven steps were completed, I emerged relaxed, revived and glowy-glowy-glowy. And if you spend $150 at Bergdorf Goodman, you will get a free facial.