Not Your Daughter’s Jeans

I’ll never forget walking down the street with my mom one day. I was like 5. There was something on my mind that I had to ask her.

Baby Breezy: Mommy, do I have a big butt?

Mommy: (Sarcastically) Yeah…we’re the butt sisters.

Now, let’s just say you didn’t “get it from your mama”. Enter Not Your Daughter’s Jeans ($88- $130). NYDJ can make you look a full size smaller, flatten your stomach, and boost your booty. How? So glad you asked. The criss-cross paneling flattens the stomach, the high-rise design prevents muffin top, and the higher back pockets visibly lift the bum.

The spring 2012 collection is chock full of Razzles-hued jeans AND denim skirts (yup, they’re back)! Plus, they have amazing animal-print denim that I went wild for (sorry). If you’re more of a classic girl, there are new silhouettes (cropped and boyfriend) to accompany their beloved styles.

Denim Skirts…In Living Color!

Anwhoo, I stopped by the showroom to check out the wares and walked out with these sensational snakeskin-print jeans. At first I admonished myself for wearing an oversized dress (knowing I’d be photographed in the jeans I chose), but then I realized I made the right decision.

Check out my 2012 take on ’90s grunge. I’m calling it CBGB chic…Boom.

Here’s a close-up of the sssssnakeskin print…

And for some musical inspiration…