Park & Recreation: Hilary Park Jewelry Review

I was never the hardcore go out-and-play kinda’ kid. But one all-too-vivid park memory involves me at age 7 on the see-saw…alone. Yeah, it gets worse.

As I pondered what past life to blame for my grounded position, a boy (about 9 or 10) hopped on the other side and we see-sawed our little hearts out. Until. He jumped off and ran to play somewhere else. As I crashed back down to reality, I was back to my introspective state with a sore butt. I’m fighting to not make this memory a metaphor for my childhood.

Moving on…last week I stopped by Hilary Park’s jewelry store. I was super stoked to see how she incorporates astrological-isms in her hand-crafted silver and gold pieces. You know I was interested if I traveled to Brooklyn to  see her earrings, necklaces, and bracelets (starting at $80).

Oh, the pieces she showed: industrial, but undeniably influenced by nature. In short, they’re striking.

From the tough girl, leather-woven Whip Stitch Cuff ($475) to the Winding Path Cuff ($1500), I was in awe of the stunning workmanship and the passion Hilary (understandably) has for her designs. And then as I fawned over the Frida Kahlo pendant, she mentioned she created a similar one in Basquiat’s image…crowns and all. She was also nice enough to give me a customized citrine (prosperity) pendant on her signature leather cord. Prosperity? Bring it.