Boy Beauty: BBRAXTON Men’s Salon

If you’ve been unlucky enough to be with me in a nail spa/salon when a man saunters in, you’ve inevitably heard me mumble and grumble about the “intrusion”.

Mumbles include colorful variations of “GAH! Can’t a girl wear a mini skirt while pedicuring without having to cover up?”. Followed by the whiny query, “why can’t they find their own spot?”

Enter NYC’s BBRAXTON. Its tagline, “Exceptional Grooming. For Exceptional Men.”, truly says it all, but fine if you need more, here you go.

Founded by the beautiful (Tony Award-nominated) Brenda Braxton, it boasts an impressive menu of services, including: Hair cuts, hair care, and spa treatments (*ahem* like manicures).

Look at that…just in time for Father’s Day. Boys, give it a try…and keep out of our salons. K? Love ya. Mean it.