God Save The Tee: Best Vintage Tees

Recently reminiscing about my first trip to London, a few “episodes” came to mind: my almost-unspeakable bohemian phase (socks with sandals anyone?), ballooning up two dress sizes, and of course exploring the city on a 50 pound/week stipend (I ate a lot of frozen Hawaiian pizza…don’t ask).

Then there’s my Heathrow Airport experience, but I’ll avoid that air pocket-paved trip down memory lane.

I remember walking through Brixton where I stumbled upon Electric Avenue. I chanted the ’80s classic as if my own private meditative mantra and continued on my vintage-shop quest. Though I found the perfect surrogate grandma and a beef patty in Brixton, my perfect-vintage-shop search continued throughout London.

My love of vintage and (well-done) vintage-inspired tees was only enhanced by my trip to England.

Here are some great vintage-inspired tees with a decidedly English state of mind.

Queen In Concert ($25)

Sex Pistols “Rotten” ($20)

Ziggy Stardust ($20)