Dr. Miracle’s Day Treatment Moisturizer Review

Perhaps you are familiar with Dr. Miracle’s commercials. If you have never watched BET, there’s a good chance you have never seen one. Lucky you.

Dr. Miracle’s commercials are what nightmares are made of. There’s often a pretty brown lady with dehydrated (read: crazy looking) hair. Out of nowhere an omniscient voice (God, is that you?) and a detached arm appear. The bellowing voice offers snarky beauty advice and taunts her a little; then “the hand” presents her with a Dr. Miracle’s product. Now I’m all over camp, but there’s something way too I Know What You Did Last Summer about the commercials. Can a be-hooked hand be too far behind?

Rant over. I received a box of Dr. Miracle’s products and after meticulously checking for dismembered limbs, I tried them out. Since it’s summertime, I was very happy to use the Day Treatment Facial Moisturizer ($8). It boasts ingredients like soy, shea butter, and Vitamins A, C & E. Also, it has SPF 15. Plus, it features their signature “Feel It” formula, which means there’s an awesome cooling-tingle thingie. My skin looked instantly hydrated, felt cool, and was protected from the sun. Score.

Watch at your own risk…you’ve been warned!