Valentine’s Day Gifts: Let ‘Em Eat Petits Fours

Raise your hand if you had the pleasure of gaining the “Freshman 15”. Never the bandwagon-jumper, I gained the lbs. during my senior year. Blimey, I’m a rebel!

I went through the obligatory emotions: denial, bewilderment, and full-blown obsession about the new-found junk in my very-spacious trunk.

What does that have to do with Valentine’s Day? No idea. I consider this a safe space so don’t mess that up by judging me now.

As my co-workers discuss taking the entire week off this year to avoid the mushy-lovie-dovieness of Valentine’s Day, I thought about a perfect gift for gals in and out of coupledom.

The Petit Four Lip Balm Set ($14) offers four (obvi) plastic petits four, which hold a lip-smoothing balm. So yeah, whether you’re puckering up to your loved one or giving yourself an arm hickey, your lips will be soft.

And honestly, isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is all about…arm hickeys?