L’Oreal The Super Slim by Infallible Review

Look. I keep my makeup pretty simple on most days: mascara, lip gloss, and blush. Sometimes though, especially if I’m working a more androgynous outfit, I turn it up with a winged liner or heap on a massive amount of blush for a babydoll effect.

The other day I worked my “Annie Hall”-inspired look so I decided to turn up my eyes with some liner. I did this ignoring the fact that I had an eye doctor appointment: dilated pupils, glaucoma test, teary eyes. Let’s just say I lack far sight and foresight from time to time.

Luckily, L’Oreal sent me the new The Super-Slim by Infallible ($8.99). First, it goes so close to the lash line! Second, as I found myself wiping away black makeup throughout the multiple eye-ball, my mascara was gone and my liner was still intact. As I felt my way around the city (you know, dilated pupils and all), I knew my lids were covered…infallibly. Not sold yet? J-Lo wore Super-Slim at this year’s Golden Globes…BOOM.