Apparently It’s the NBA Finals: What To Wear

Curiously my TV has seen quite a bit of the NBA Finals. My sofa has experienced impassioned yelps and abundant profanity.

In short, my apartment is experiencing an NBA takeover; so maybe it’s time for my NBA makeover. See what I did there?

Fact: I am a native New Yorker
A) Despite that, I care more about a Spike Lee-courtside sighting than an actual Knicks’ game
B) The above statement leads me to…

Fact: I have no allegiance to any team. I base my cheers purely on…
A) The team who is working together (“hustling”?) better
B) The player that I find most attractive

As you can imagine, those facts brought me nowhere closer to my NBA Finals makeover; but this NBA Fashion page did! I think of my friend Crystal and her penchant for off-the-shoulder sweatshirts when I see this Knicks Andrews Top ($44.99). She of course, would rock her home team, the 76ers.

As high-top fades and Gumbys are in full effect (again), wouldn’t you say it’s time for a little ’80s-inspired sweatshirt action? Speaking of action, if my crew were challenged to a b-ball game, I’d totally wear the Andrews Top. I’m pretty sure we’d look like the clip below (because I’m b-ball challenged):