Nivea Extended Moisture Review

There are several iconic movies that we can quote ad infinitum. “What’s Love Got to Do with It” is definitely one of those films. Well, at least for me. As much as it brought the drama (limo-fight scene anyone?), it also created comedy in the least likely places (limo-fight scene anyone?).

As many times as my crew and I beg one another to “eat the cake”, I implore myself every fall to “moisturize the hands”. I make a half-hearted vow to use moisturizing gloves every fall/winter. But let’s be real. Who really has the wherewith all to use them consistently?

Sure, during winter months we tend to wear gloves, but some of us need to start earlier in the season. And by “some of us”, I mean um, me.

This is where Nivea Extended Moisture Hand Cream ($4.99) comes in. It’s made for very dry, rough hands. I used it once and almost didn’t recognize my hands. Soft, soft, soft but not greasy, greasy, greasy (like “Ike’s” hair in the clip below).