Biore Self Heating Mask: Tweet, Tweet This Heat!

One of the easiest things to do as an East Coaster is complain about winter weather.

The work week mantra was “Is it Friday yet?”. That has been replaced with “Is it April yet?”.

We’re grumpier. We’re more tense. Our senses of humor are gone with the mind-numbing wind. Plus, it wrecks havoc on our skin.

Biore Self Heating Mask ($6.49) is the arctic-tundra-turned-spring (*fingers crossed*) antidote.

As charcoal sucks out impurities, the mask heats up and offers tingling coolness simultaneously. I warn you: you will be in awe and want to investigate this skincare sorcery.

Unfortunately, you won’t have enough time to crack the code…the mask takes only ONE MINUTE to do its thing. And it removes 2.5 time more oil and dirt than typical cleansers!
You’ll want to sing. You’ll want to make you leap. You’ll want to tweet tweet this heat.

Thank you for my new favorite catchphrase, Nick Cannon!