Jergens Shea Butter Oil Review

Needless to say, but I will anyway, Jean-Michel Basquiat imagery has become ubiquitous these days. And considering his desire for art world recognition and obsession with pop culture, I guess that works.

Like many people though, I feel like Basquiat “speaks to me” in a very special way.

So yeah, I get a little pissed when I see someone rocking a Basquiat tee and I assume they don’t have the “relationship” that I have with him. The irony is, I’m more than a little enamored with this tee.

My feelings of “proprietary” grew even stronger as I heard about the turf war of sorts happening regarding Christie’s now-controversial Basquiat auction. Google that ish.

At least I saw authentic (?) Basquiat items in person that I’d only seen in books. That’s pretty dope. Unless they’re fake…then that’s wiggety wack.

As I viewed Olive Oyl (pic below), it reminded me of the dewy satisfaction that Jergens Shea Butter Oil ($8.99) gave me the other day.

A) You already know how I feel about the restorative powers of shea butter

B) This oil shaved off 3 minutes from my get-dressed-for-work routine*

C) It has a light fragrance (very light…you know I can’t stand an oppressive perfume)

*How did it do so? While still in the shower, I applied it to my damp skin and then blotted my skin with the towel. Et voile…moisturized for the day.

The Inspiration