Bliss Multi-Face-Eted Mask Review

From the moment I slathered Palmolive dish soap on to my six-year old face, I was a facial mask devotee. You see, I had seen my mom use avocado masks. So when I saw that green dish detergent bottle staring at me from the kitchen sink, it all made sense.

Avocados are green. That stuff’s green. Plus, it’s gentle on hands and tough on dishes. As I luxuriated during my Palmolive facial, I had not a care in the world.

And then my mom caught me and started screaming bloody murder, “Oh. My. Gah. You’ll. Get…PIMPLES!!”

Personally, I like to compare the moment to the “Mommie Dearest”, wire hangers scene, but I guess it wasn’t that deep.

My mom did make it crystal clear that acne was a potential pox upon our Manhattan apartment. Palmolive-gate also taught me about the power of the facial mask. Luckily as a beauty writer, I’ve been sent tons of facial masks. Though they’ve had differing ingredients and benefits, most of them have the same goal: healthy-looking skin. But yeah, I still hadn’t found The One. Multi-Face-eted All-In-One Anti-Aging Clay Mask ($50). Launched this month, this clay mask is enriched with jojoba oil, detoxifying carbon, lemon, and exfoliating glycolic acid. Don’t wince when you read “clay mask”; I’m not talking about that old school clay mask that hardened to the point of no return. Like you can barely move your face. This mask is flexible and there’s no strange “clay smell”.

The Dealio Multi-Face-Eted Mask is an all-in-one product that promises more youthful-looking skin using the following techniques:
*Reduces visible fine lines & wrinkles
*Fades discoloration & dark spots
*Unclogs pores & visibly diminishes the look of large pores
*Brightens skin & evens skin tone
*Nourishes & deeply moisturizes
*Smoothes rough texture for velvety soft skin

I’m using it once per week and I can attest to brighter, more moisturized skin. I didn’t notice unclogged pores (renegade nose whiteheads), but maybe that will come with further usage. Look ma, no Palmolive!
And now a word from our sponsors (circa 1986).