About That Uber Driver’s Beauty Tip…

Of all the ill-a$$ stuff that can happen during an Uber ride, I gotta tell ya…outside of the dude who literally watched ’90s R&B videos while driving me home, my rides have been pretty chill. I meeeean I love Brandy too, but dang. I entered the car feeling no pain and left it: totally sober. But I digress.

I’ve had awesome convos with many Uber drivers (about joy, pain, sunshine, and rain), but there was one that I will never forget. Because he schooled me on the art of shea butter. Sure, we all know about this gem of the Motherland—chock full of vitamins and good fats—but I’d never imagine that one could use it beyond winter. Because it’s mad thick or in beauty talk: highly concentrated.

Well, my Uber driver put me up on game. He suggested keeping the shea butter in the shower so you can scoop it out and run it under the water. So, it makes it much more spreadable and lighter. And it truly works…even in the summertime.

So you get all the benefits without the heavy. And let’s be real: couldn’t we all use something light during these heavy-heavy times? Either way, give it to ‘em, Rob Base.