I Can’t Take It Anymore!

Heart-Shaped Ice Packs
Ladies (and you three Gentlemen — whad up?!), I must admit I’ve had a case of “The Mondays” yeah, like all week. Maybe it’s because my heart is breaking for Haiti. Maybe I need a hug. Or maybe it’s the Rum Raisin Haagen Daaz withdrawal. Regardless, several times this week I wanted to pound on a wall, desk, or co-worker and shout, “I just can’t TAKE it anymore!” And then it occurred to me.

I saw a painfully appropriate (and adorable) product for my current emotional state. I Can’t Take It Anymore Heart-Shaped Gel Packs ($14) are really cute and can potentially soothe the weary soul (and puffy eyes). They are also plush so they won’t leave a mark if I hurl ’em at someone.

On a more loving, peaceful, and less hyperbolic note, they are truly kinda’ perfect for Valentine’s Day. Temple of Glam readers will receive 15% OFF all products when you use promo code: Templeofglam. The offer ends this Wednesday, 1/27.

Happy Friday, Ya’ll! We made it to the weekend.