Don’t Tell Mom, I Paid to Take a Nap!

If you live or visit New York, you must give YeloSpa a try. Here’s the dealio. I have never had reflexology before so I figured, what the hay, I have a coupon…I’ll give it a whirl. I felt kinda’ bad for my “reflexologer” because I was trudging through the snow in apprently semi-waterproof boots and my feet were an oh-so-pleasant mix of cold and wet.

Before I could say more, my oversize recliner chair had this partially neurotic New Yorker in the ideal napping position (knees above chest), which slows down the heart rate. I shut up. After 30 minutes, I realized the reflexology was over and nap time had begun. The lights were off, the sound machine played a tranquil rainstorm, and I was knocked out in my own little cocoon. The best part? I didn’t wake up to a person shaking me senseless or even a faint knock on the door. YeloNap has this awesome wake-up process. The lights slowly rise simulating a sunrise. I didn’t even think about hitting the “snooze” button; I was honestly smiling and so relaxed.

So yes, I paid for a 30 minute reflexology session and 30 minute power nap, but I awoke feeling like Snow White (I swear I heard birds chirping) and with a cup of water waiting for me. No doubt, I was sleeping with my mouth wide open — I was parched.