L’Oreal EverCrème Cleansing Conditioner Review

I’m pretty sure you think I’m exaggerating because hyperbole is kinda’ my thing. I kid you not though; DIY hair almost always ends up in disaster: brittle, angry hair. After a lot of time, energy and sometimes tears (don’t judge me), I end up begging my hairstylists to take me into their salons the very next day. Ask them. I’ve offered to be their best friend, hugs, and even said I could stop by their homes to make it more convenient for them.

That last “offer” borders on a threat, but desperate times…

Despite knowing all of this, from time to time I trick myself to believe that if I just change my products and get professional heating tools, I can have salon-perfect hair.

So when I attended the L’Oreal Paris EverCrème event, I took it as a divine sign to try again*. Instantly smitten, I met Johnny Lavoy. He is not only L’Oreal’s official hair expert, but for 30 years (no idea how this is possible…he looks so young!), he has styled celebs like Cindy Crawford, Raven Simone and Gail King. He has also worked a ton of runway shows and magazine gigs. So when Lavoy told the intimate group of beauty bloggers & editors that EverCrème was perfect for dry, naturally curly, and chemically processed hair, I believed him.

The feature product was sulfate-free EverCrème Cleansing Conditioner ($6). One part cleanser-three parts conditioner, it leaves hair clean, super soft, and ready to combat environmental factors and heat styling. Plus, it smells unbelievable. To explain how yummy it smells, I was on the subway and a young woman sat next to me. I recognized the scent immediately and we proceeded to talk about how much we love EverCrème.

Believe me; I don’t spend my time sniffing other chicks, so imagine how fantastic it smells!

Back to my DIY experience…well, I gave it a go with the cleansing conditioner and my hair was so very soft. I could hardly believe it! My styling “techniques”? Um, I went to the salon the next day. There are just times when we have to recognize our limitations. My kryptonite is apparently blow drying my hair and cooking anything other than pasta dishes. For the record, I can also make a mean English muffin pizza.

*P.S. I sing this through my DIY-hair sweating & crying fits