Rain Mane: An Ode to Bobby Pins

I really surprised myself last night. As I sauntered to the bus stop: Click, clack. Click, clack (that’s the sound of my heels). All of a sudden: rain. At first it was a sultry, Carl Thomas “Summer Rain” kinda’ rain. Shockingly I didn’t break into the relaxed-hair-girl-sprint. Oh you know you’ve seen it. If you’re not one of us, you’ve been mid-conversation with her talking maybe, about a life-changing event in her life and at the first drop of rain, she bonks out.

After a cryptic text, you find her under an awning, in a porn store doorway, or somewhere befriending a stranger with an umbrella.

Well, after having a rather interesting day, I took the rain as a sign to Go with the flow. Be easy. Slow down. So I did…I walked and then when the sky opened, I (sanely) sought shelter.

This morning? Well, it’s a little too hot to wear a hat so I turned to bobby pins–a lot of ’em.

Have you ever foresaken your hair or makeup to just be in “the moment”? You know, like have you had a good hard cry even when your eye makeup was GORGEOUS? C’mon I shared…your turn!